‘Wonder Woman’ launches with tightened security

Following the suicide bombing in Manchester which killed 22 people, the world premiere of ‘Wonder Woman’ in Hollywood went ahead on Thursday but with heightened security.
The scheduled European premiere in London was cancelled following the attack.
And the event was on the cast and crew’s minds.
“I feel awful, I feel very sad. It’s the extremes of life, right? I experienced the most amazing thing. I’ve been working on this movie for so long and finally it’s out, it’s about to come out but on the other hand there are terrorist attacks and suicide bombers and the worst most horrible extremes. For me, coming from Israel, I’m familiar unfortunately with these types of events and I think it was a good idea not to do the premiere in London.”
“I can’t believe such a big event in our life, it didn’t bother me at all to cancel it. We’re all… All of our eyes on the UK right now and we’re heartbroken. It’s not the time to celebrate anything and I’m only happy that we really did make a movie about love and trying to be better people.”
And the focus on the red carpet was also on the theme of love which runs throughout the movie.
Chris Pine, who stars alongside Gal Gadot, said the film is deeper than a traditional action movie.
“I think what’s neat about this film in particular is that it’s a romance. It’s a superhero film wrapped around a really really deep romance, like a ‘Casablanca’, something that’s earnest and hopeful and buoyant like we had back in the day in Hollywood. So for me, that’s the beating heart of the film, the themes of compassion and love and all that.”
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