What Is The New World Order?


What is the New World Order that so many people have been talking about?  What is the Illuminati?  Who are these people who have so much power and control over the masses of people who almost of their existence?  Is there really a thing as a global plan for world domination?  Let’s really examine this concept to see if it has merit.

The New World Order is supposed to be a group of people who want the world to be ruled under one government, one language, one currency, and one religious doctrine.  When you really analyze these claims, most religions fall closely under many of these concepts.  If you look at Christianity, most Christians believe that all people should be washed in the blood of the Lamb and follow Jesus Christ.  This is the only way to salvation and eternal life after death.  In essence, the Christians want a “New World” where everyone is Christian.  The…


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