What Are You Feeling about Running with Music

In recently, there is one sport fashion of running with listening to music to be popular in western. There is news on the America msn website that is sports are relative with music. Running with listening to music is not only to improve the effect of sports but also to change your mood in the time of running.

The sport psychologist called Costas-Carla auspicious of Brunel University in England used twenty years to make research findings. The four aspects of song have effect on the sports. Rhythm, pitch; connotation and cultural communication are the four aspects of song.
The internal factors are two formers. It lies on music every minute beat and sweet level of tone. The two latter are external factors. It has relationship of music knowledge, personality hobby and style of runners.

Costas thinks that the beat per minute is about one hundred and one hundred forty is the first choice of music. There is the same speed between running rhythm and heartbeat, in addition it is able to bring beautiful feeling to the exerciser. As long as you are able to reach two factors in the back , you may choose this music so that you can make progress of training.

It is vital to know how many music beats in every minute and it also has uncertain relation with the impulse of runners. Our running will be improve on that condition of steady running speed.

There is also something to think over how may steps of runners. The runner has one hundred eighty steps in sixty minutes had better listen to music that is forty to ninety beats per minute. If the music is so fast, we are not able to keep up with its speed. Therefore the runners are able to try their best to catch up the beats of music. There is to cause speed up, faster heartbeats and shortness of breath.

In addition, the light music is better than the blue one.To listen to music while running is an important component for most of runners. It makes something that looks like dull at times in daily an enjoyment.

There is one reported these days that the chairman in the society German sports medicine and avoid injuries has his views that music is encouraging running to have exciting moment in all kinds of aspects. He said that there is also stimulation to the marathon while listening to music.

The specialist suggest that you are able to not wear headset completely to take a training. It is hard to imagine for some runners to run without listening to music.

One expert in the Saarbrucken German health care management and prevention institute said that the music can be look at driving force or used to distraction for some one. Only like this they just are able to finish whole distance. He thinks that people listen to their favorite songs to make a farther running for themselevs.

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