Video shows dog in India rescued after nearly being sliced by metal wire


A street dog nearly sliced in half by a metal wire tangled around his body can be seen playing again in a touching video filmed by the charity that saved his life.

Brave Ben was on the brink of death when he was rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited, with the wire cutting deep into the flesh around his waist.

The video shows him being carried into the charity’s treatment centre in Rajasthan, India, in a blue crate, curled up in agony at one end with his gaping wound visible.

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Ben was carried into the Animal Aid Unlimited sanctuary curled up in a blue crate

The veterinary team sedated the stricken hound so that they could remove the wire that had cut deep into his waist

He is then sedated so that the veterinary team could cut away the wire which, at one point, had to be pulled from the muscle that had grown over it. 

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