Various Types of Locks for Your Self Storage Unit


One of the main contributors to the cost of a particular self storage is the security of the premise. A self storage facility with top of the range security features such as biometric sensors will definitely cost much more than one with only a basic lock and key model. Most people utilise self storage for storing things that are rarely used. As a result, the number of trips made to the facility is rather low and only on a need to use basis. Have you ever thought of what is happening to your things when you are not keeping an eye on it? Despite the adequate security features at the facility, you will still need to play your part. The simplest way is to get a good quality lock to lock up your storage unit. What are the various types of locks that are recommended for your self storage unit?

Standard lock

The standard lock is the most basic of all. It is simple and convenient to use. A…


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