Travel like a pro: Jet lag, delays and private planes


For 11 months in the year — one of the longest in professional sports — players criss-cross the globe in search of those elusive ranking points and prize money. Most have a travel schedule that would make even the most hardened frequent flyer shudder, dashing in and out of cities on a weekly basis.

And then there is the jet lag.

Two-time Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova has been on the women’s tour for a decade, but she says traveling to Asia from Europe never gets any easier.

“I like waking up early, but here it is just impossible,” the 26-year-old Czech said from Zhuhai, China, where she competed in the WTA Elite Trophy.

‘Cross-country is the worst’

“I can’t fall asleep really early and I can’t wake up in the morning. So when the alarm goes off at 930am, for me it feels like it is 5am. It’s not easy and it is always taking me more time than usual,” Kvitova adds.

Former US Open winner…


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