TONY HETHERINGTON: ‘Lock up the traders behind this chair chaos’


Tony Hetherington is Financial Mail on Sunday’s ace investigator, fighting readers corners, revealing the truth that lies behind closed doors and winning victories for those who have been left out-of-pocket. Find out how to contact him below. 

Mrs S.E. writes: We read with dismay the sad tale last Sunday of the 95-year-old lady who has not received her chair from Westminster Recliners. 

I purchased two made-to-measure chairs in July, one being for my seriously ill husband. We paid a deposit of £2,398, followed by £2,397 on September 1. Just as you reported, this was strangely reduced from the original astronomical price. We were told we would get the chairs in two weeks, but repeated letters have brought nothing. 

Now we are taking the company to the small claims court, but as pensioners we do not need court costs added to the money we seem to have wasted already.


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