Three Reasons Build Hongxing Machinery to be Model in Mining Industry.


With the upcoming of 2012, the development in different industries has been surprisingly fast, especially that the mining machinery industry has reached a pretty huge size. As we all know, Hongxing Machinery has become a model in mining industry and has incessantly leading its development. Then how does it become a model? After analysis, I concluded three reasons as follows:

First of all, the products quality of Henan RedStar has been the top inside this business scope. There are more than 960 workers in our company, among whom the engineers, technicians and management are over 120. No matter jaw crusher and concentrating table, or sand making equipment and Raymond mill, from the layout design, the manufacturing of every part, technicians and management team will all follow every link of the production in order to make sure that every machine can have the best quality.

On the other hand, our after-sales service is also the model in this industry. Every technological worker in our enterprise has rich and practical operational and examining and repairing ability, so that we can provide every customer with the best after-sales service. Inside the group, we always stick to the “Two Best” standard to offer service, that is, reach the spot in the shortest time, and then complete every requirement demanded by the customer with the most effective method.

In the end, the corporate culture of our group can be seen, sensed and felt almost everywhere, so that every employee working here knows the importance of harmony and unity. Union is strength, so it takes two to make a quarrel. If the workers in a corporation all rely on themselves and never care about other people, then it can never become a strong and powerful company. Hongxing Machinery always puts workers’ benefit first and actively creates an excellent working environment for every employee. That the number of workers has increased to almost a thousand from a couple of people in the beginning is the…

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