Three Digital Risks to Conference Security – Insects, Mikes and Phones


If you are planning a conference with your employees that need to be confidential or private, it’s important to protect against the chance of digital eavesdroppers. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is not thought to be as often as it should be, given how easily and at low costs digital hearing gadgets can be purchased and implemented. But, additionally to purpose-build bugging gadgets, there are two other digital risks that are less regularly considered: Wi-Fi mikes and mobile phones. Study on to learn more about countering these digital spices.

Bugs or insects

You do not have to be on the radar of a government protection organization to be at chance of digital eavesdropping. Small monitoring mics that transfer 50 percent a distance or further are very easily available and purchase Online in just a few dollars. 

Especially if the conference is being organized…


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