The Writer’s Mind-boggling Conundrum About To Be Solved?


The book is written, funds have been obtained to edit the book and to produce a wonderful book cover. Editing, formatting and book covers have been successfully and brilliantly done. The book has even been uploaded on Amazon and the author has opened an Author’s page as recommended by pundits.

 Now, the only thing to do is for readers to read the book. It is a really good book. The writer is a great writer. Yet, and here is the problem, great writers are not necessarily great marketers.

So, there we are again, another great book that will remain unread, buried under a growing mountain of other books, bypassed by lesser writers simply because they are better marketers.

The flurry of books about vegan vampires that followed the success of Twilight might be a reflection on the popularity of neutered vampires or, more likely actually, a reflection of the ability of marketers turned…


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