Redtail Telematics to Launch Advanced Driver Scoring App to Automotive and Commercial Insurance Segments

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“Insurers are asking for more accurate data and Redtail is intently listening to the requirements. “

Redtail Telematics, established provider of integrated telematics solutions to the insurance industry, announces the launch of an advanced driver scorecard for insurers to offer to their insured. The scorecard utilizes 16 driving parameters, a significant development and improvement over the usual 4 parameters. The 4 typical parameters consist of harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, and excessive speed. Redtail’s 16 parameter solution is believed to be a world’s first, and includes other elements such as fatigued driving and tailgating. The results of the data can provide insurers with an improved forecasting tool, and the opportunity to offer greater incentives and rewards for good driver behavior. The current driver scoring methodology already predicts to some extent those drivers more likely to be involved in an accident. Redtail Telematics expects the introduction of these additional parameters to significantly enhance this prediction rate and deliver insurers more sophisticated driver profiling.

Dr. Colin Smithers, CEO and Founder at Redtail Telematics, said: “Insurers are asking for more accurate data and Redtail is intently listening to the requirements. The strong engineering DNA at Redtail compels the team to find solutions such as problems with inaccurate data. Redtail is committed to delivering more scoring parameters to provide an ever more complete and precise picture of driver behavior from a wider driver base. It is also our conviction that timely aggregation and dissemination of quality data can better inform the claims team and help them make better, faster decisions on specific incidents”.

About Redtail Telematics

Redtail Telematics Corporation is a global provider of wireless technology delivering vehicle intelligence to customers in the insurance, enterprise and fleet management sectors worldwide. Redtail’s solutions are used to manage fleets, its data warehouses have recorded more than a billion miles of data, and it is delivering a third of the telematics insurance installed UK base, using vehicle-based intelligence to offer fairer, more innovative ways to calculate premiums, assess crashes and evaluate claims.

Drawing on the design and development credentials of sister company Plextek (, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of communications systems for technology customers worldwide, the team has delivered more than 6 million hardware units into the automotive aftermarket with an unmatched track record of quality, reliability and performance.

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