Reasons People Switch to Tablet Press Machines

Tablet press machines are the modern machines that are used to form tablets from powder and granules. They are widely used all over the world because they are fast, reliable, require low maintenance cost and the tablets made by them are safe to use. There is a very tough competition among the pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers so they are trying to beat their competitor by increasing the quality of their products. Hence, the reliability and quality of tablet press machines is increasing day by day. More and more people are switching to tablet press machines due to their increasing advantages.

Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers are concentrating more on enhancing their machines and using modern and latest technology than manufacturing low cost products. Hence their features are increasing day by day.

Tablet press machines are fast. They can produce up to thousands of tablets or capsules at a time, which is more than the speed of other machines used for the same purpose. Tablet press machines use two punches and a die to compress or press the raw material, powder or granules, to form tablets or capsules. This way they can produce tablets faster than other machines.

Tablet press machines are reliable. They are composed of strong metals that are durable making the machine durable. They do not lose their efficiency with the passage of time if they are kept maintained. To use them properly, they should be maintained properly. Like every machine they need two types of maintenances. One is line maintenance, that is required immediately when the machine start mal functioning without the shutdown of machine. One is scheduled maintenance that requires proper shut down of the machine and every part of the machine is maintained and those parts that need lubrications are lubricated. If tablet press machines are kept maintained then they can work for many years.

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