Planning on stuffing yourself at Thanksgiving? Try some kimchi or sauerkraut on Friday.


Fermented foods, like kimchi or sauerkraut, are a good way to follow a Thanksgiving feast.

WHEN FACED WITH a table laden with my favorite dishes at Thanksgiving, I eat. It’s the time of year my favorites appear — stuffing, three kinds of pie and turkey, a big ladleful of gravy — and I enjoy every bite.

The next day, rather than bemoan how much I ate, I eat leftovers, and top my turkey with sauerkraut. Turkey with sauerkraut is not only delicious; it’s also my way of resetting after a rich meal.

Probiotics can help keep harmful bacteria in check, aid digestion and help your body absorb nutrients, a Harvard University study says. Studies show probiotics tend to be more helpful to people with digestive issues than healthy folk, and some debate the benefits. Regardless, whenever I have a rich meal, I am a fan of eating crunchy, sour vegetables the next day. I’ll take any…


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