Paul Simon is still crazily good after all these years


Paul Simon 

Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam                                         On tour in Britain until Sat 


Of all the elders of pop, Paul Simon is the most open to new ideas – in the studio, that is. On tour, he has been putting on much the same show ever since Graceland, 30 years ago. 

His idea of a ­concession to showbiz is to walk on stage wearing a smoking jacket on top of his usual weathered T-shirt.

He prefers to let the music do the wooing, knowing it is up to the job. His songbook is more melodic than Bob Dylan’s, more familiar than Leonard Cohen’s and more consistent than either, and it has just got even better. 

On tour, Paul Simon’s restless creativity finds its way into the arrangements rather than the staging. The set list gives older fans the ingredients they want

Stranger To Stranger, released in June, arrived…


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