Options running out for homeless living along Santa Ana river bed


Keith Romero isn’t sure what to do now. He’s 58 and has been homeless for nearly 30 years.

Most of that time, he has lived along the Santa Ana River bike trail where Memory Lane turns into Garden Grove Boulevard, not far from the 22 freeway in Orange. He’s a squatter, with a drug and alcohol problem he readily confesses.

Up until last week, about two dozen other homeless people shared the spot where Romero now sleeps alone, tucked up under the concrete overpass that crosses the riverbed and the greens of the adjacent River View Golf Course.

A county public works project about a month ago that involved cementing jagged rocks to cover the slopes abutting the underside of the street bridge uprooted all who were living in the crawl space but Romero.

“Everybody’s gone except for me,” he said, staring down at a pile of his belongings strewn in a heap by the…


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