Modern Love: Catfishing Strangers to Find Myself


Using Pamela’s age and some of her defining features to create my new persona, I logged in to the chat room as “CharlottaDD35.” Then the messages came pouring in.

I accepted an invitation to play billiards from Jarkko25. A screen popped up, and we were escorted to a private room, where a question from him appeared in the message box: “Are you feeling frisky?”

“Why do you ask?” I typed.

“Is it tight?” he asked.

I didn’t entirely understand what he meant, but I knew it was dirty.

I waited a moment and then wrote, “Yes.”

“Nice,” he replied. “Age?”

“35,” I wrote. “But I love younger men.”

“That’s hot. What do you look like?”

I quickly Googled “Pamela+Anderson” and described what I saw in the search results: “179 cm, blonde. I like to wear heels and tight dresses.”

“Mmmh. Do you have big…


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