Mile Square Golf Course cited for ‘stinky’ pond, despite recent drain and refill


FOUNTAIN VALLEY – With fresh water filling a formerly rancid pond and the smelly water pumped into a drainage canal, officials at Mile Square Golf Course are hoping to put to rest the problem of a foul odor that affected a nearby neighborhood.

However, to put it in golf terms, they’re not out of the rough yet.

On Tuesday, the South Coast Air Quality Management District served a “notice of violation” because of the odors that have plagued nearby residents in recent weeks.

Scott Chaffin, general manager of the course, said Tuesday that the largest pond on the course, which had produced a stench of sulfur and rotten eggs, presumably from algae growth, had been drained over the weekend and a course worker reported the odor had been greatly reduced.

He also added that cooler temperatures and treatments of the water were having the desired effects.

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