Maphead – Book Review


Today, there’s a subculture for everything. If you like white ponies, then you’re part of that subculture and if you like pugs, you are a member of pug-lovers subculture. There is one culture, though, that has facets of not only being a subculture, but also culture, as well, and that is the map culture.

There are those people out there, such as Ken Jennings, who consider maps the Holy Grail. Maphead is the map to that Holy Grail. Mapping has facets that cut across all parts of just about every culture and subculture you can find because of one simple fact: you have to know where you are.

Whether you use GPS via your laptop, smartphone, Garmin or TomTom or whether you are into Google Earth mapping or just love to look at the directions to a place and back again on Mapquest or on the older “Road Guides” that many people keep in their cars, along with their TomToms and Nav systems,…


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