Lower incomes slashed amid India's corruption crackdown


And if it did happen, wouldn’t you get angry and protest, or do something about it?

Sarvesh Kumar is a shy young man, just 22 years old. He’s wearing a dirty grey shirt and trousers, a self-fashioned uniform of sorts. He seems almost shrunken. His shoulders are a bit hunched, his head sunken into his torso as he sits in his auto-rickshaw, a three-wheeler taxi that is common on the streets of New Delhi.

“So, your income just got halved?” I ask.

“Yup,” he says. We are chatting in colloquial Hindi. “I used to make 1,000 rupees a day. Now I can barely make 500 rupees,” he says.

“Ever since the government banned the old currency notes, I’m struggling to get rides.”

Sarvesh is referring to a surprise announcement by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on primetime TV on Tuesday, November 8.


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