Isn't it happy to learn something new by reciting something old?


  Never discuss to the car owner when he is generating, nor the car owner discussing on cellphone while generating. You have to inscribe the above safety measures on your center. One failing is enough to wipe out a car owner who does not keep in mind it. People like to have a guarantee of durability, but the caution is usually didn’t keep in mind when they generate. Some individuals considered that generating was a fun loving work and just didn’t do it raptly. Consequently, they may either harm others or harm by others. We must realize that generating a car is something dreadful or scary. We will not let ourselves have a little overlook. The situation including people life should be handled with the highest care. We must keep in mind it by center.

  The above is clear and understandable. However, you may have fun when I say that we’d better keep quiet when consuming. I am…


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