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The Irvine Swim League continued its 32nd season with a very successful and competitive third week of competition Saturday, July 8, around the city.


The Colony Red Hots enjoyed a warm welcome from Turtle Rock Tidal Wave for a record-breaking meet Saturday, July 8.

Jade Thai’s 28.38 time in the 50-yard butterfly and Kate Lee’s time of 1:02:63 in the individual medley set Colony records.

Swimmers delivering three time improvements were Dean Evans, Britney Cao, Renaldo Chang, Megan Chien, Cassandra Chow, Brandon Hartanto, Tessa Huffmire, Aryan Jain, Jocelyn Knerr, Allison Lee, Kate Lee, Karis Lin, Thalia Mao, Marlowe Nuttall, Kate O’Connor, Jade Thai, John Webber, Amelia Wong, Owen Wong and Jordan Yafckli.

Red Hots finishing with two time improvements were Aden Ahmad, Keith Bauer, Joshua Baxter, Zachary Baxter, Divya Bhamidapati, Karthik Bhamidapati, Declan Carter, Sofia Cervantes, Annie Chien, Caleb Chow, Elijah Chyo, Amaya Guttery, Raiya Guttery, Lilly Huffmire, Owen Huffmire, Joshua Ikehara, Justin Ikehara, Bella Kuo, Emma Lee, Aadi Mehta, Riyaz Mehta and Alexander Miyake.

Also, Gabriel Miyake, Macy Nuttall, Magnum Nuttall, Maverick Nuttall, Maximillian Nuttall, Madison Patton, McKenna Patton, Ryleigh Patton, Violet Patton, Isabella Poblete, Hansen Shao, An Takagi, Daniel Tong, Adam Tran, Ashley Tran, Isabella Vaklev, Allen Wong, Caden Wong, Elizabeth Wu, Brandon Yang and Nicole Yang.

Red Hots with time improvements exceeding 10 seconds were Xavier Mao, Dean Evans, Maddox Nuttall, Elle Shueh, Evolet Shueh, Tristan Wong, Aryan Jain, Karis Lin, Marlow Nuttall, Owen Wong, Divya Bhamidapati, Raiya Guttery, Magnum Nuttall, Maximillian Nuttall, Madison Patton, Ashley Tran and Nicole Yang.

Those qualifying for the League Championships included Brandon Yang, Alexander Miyake, Gabriel Miyake, Justin Sun, Evan Tom, Joshua Ikehara, Brandon Hartanto, Dylan Fox, Cullen Chow, Caleb Chow, Declan Carter, Zachary Baxter, Joshua Baxter, Elise Poissonnier, Britney Cao, Nicole Yang, Amelia Wong, Isabella Vaklev, Jasmine Thai, Jade Thai, McKenna Patton, Milan Nuttall, Tony Masangkay, Thalia Mao, Kate Lee, Allison Lee, Cassandra Chow, Cara Chow and Elizabeth Cabral.


The Courtside Stingrays posted 17 first-place finishes in individuals races, 24 ISL qualifying times and 106 time improvements against the Greentree Gators in their third meet of the season.

Nicholas Huynh won in the boys 15-18 age group individual medley and backstroke.

Other first place finishers were Emma Nghiem (girls 5-6 backstroke and breaststroke), Paige Riches (girls 13-14 backstroke and freestyle), Paige Press (girls 13-14 butterfly and freestyle), Darren Huynh (boys 13-14 individual medley and breaststroke), Madelyn Sellars (girls 5-6 butterfly), MacKenzie Sellars (girls 9-10 butterfly), Kaitlyn Payne (girls 7-8 backstroke), Claire Chow (girls 11-12 breaststroke), Kylie Kenyon (girls 13-14 breaststroke), Jenna Morley (girls 15-18 breaststroke) and Ellie Cohn (girls 5-6 freestyle).

The 5-6 age group mixed freestyle relay team of Andrew Payne, Nadal Fawaz, Brayden Lu and Cohn swam to victory, as well as the 15-18 mixed freestyle relay team of Shane Saito, Huynh, Morley and Parker Mallough.

Swimmers qualifying for ISL Champs in three eventswere Ashley Huynh and Michael Abshier.

Gianna Honda, Kate Jensen, Morley, Press,  Anthony Foo, Huynh, Mallough and Saito qualified for two ISL events.

Those who improved their times in three events were Ellie Cohn, Preston Cramer, Cai Le, Max Lender and Zackary Shahin.

Twenty-eight swimmers made time improvements in two events and 33 posted better times in one event. Several Stingrays shaved off more than 10 seconds off their best times, and more than a dozen athletes improved times by more than five seconds.

The Greentree Gators achieved 49 first-place ribbons and 177 time improvements, including one by 5-6 age group swimmer Unsh Bhushan, who took almost two minutes off in the breaststroke.

The Gators captured first in all of their medley relays, along with the 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 freestyle relays.

Breaking the team medley relay record in the 15-18 age group was the team of Jessica Thompson, Anthony Fitzgerald, Jack Marlin and Mo Bourdi.

Swimmers who achieved three first-place finishes in individual events were Will Bowman in the 5-6 age group, Emma Beliveau and Sam Bowman in the 8-10 age group, Luke Witting and Natalie Bautista in the 11-12 age group, Noah Bahadoor in the 13-14 age group and Jessica Thompson and Anthony Fitzgerald in the 15-18 age group.

The 5-6 age group also saw Kai Birkelbach capture first in breaststroke.

The 7-8 age group saw Drew Bautista take first in breaststroke, Sierra Marlin and Caleb Rogers win in the butterfly, Garrett Vincent take first in the backstroke and freestyle and Olivia Viola win in the breaststroke and freestyle.

Capturing first in the 9-10 age group were Sienna Briggs in the backstroke and Sean Dory in the butterfly.

The 11-12 age group saw first places by Tate Fitzgerald in the butterfly and backstroke and Kayla Melville in the breaststroke.

In the 13-14 age group, first placed was earned by Becky Rookard in the individual medley.

Taking first place in the 15-18 age group was Guilia Hidalgo in the butterfly.

Swimmers earning three time improvements were Benaiah Barken, Samuel Barken, Tannush Baronia, Jake Huttenhoff, Vincent Kim, Dash Kreil, Maddox Kreil, Henry Marlin, Christopher Nguyen, Thomas Nguyen, Keira Phuong, Cristian Viola, Kylee West and Kayla Yamamoto.


The Park Paseo Northstars hosted the Heritage Park Seals this past weekend.

The meet started off with the Northstars winning the medley relay races in the 5-6, 7-8 11-12 and 13-14 age groups.

Two swimmers surpassed a 19-year old record in the girls 13-14 age group 50-yard butterfly.

Sydney Lin claimed the new record with a time of 28.41, while Sasha Constandse finished just behind her in 28.69.

The Northstars finished first in 42 races, second in 41 and third in 25 races.

They also had 34 swimmers qualify for the championship meet in 77 races.

Everett Chen, Jalen Hsia, Enoch Lai, and Andrew Teh finished first and qualified in all their races.

Swimmers that finished in the top three in every race and earned at least one ISL qualifying time were Sarah Chao, Danny Constandse, Hannah Constandse, Andrew Do, Lucy Hinkle, Brynna Hsia, Deron Hsia, Joyce Lai, Vianna Lai, Nyah Lin, Tyler Lin, Katie Monjay, Josh Sellwood, Spencer Sellwood and Noah Villanueva.

Kaitlyn Hoang, Payton Lin and Evan Strock were among the eight swimmers who earned their first qualifying times of the season for Park Paseo.

Josh Chao, Ethan Chen, Breanna Crossman, Sarah Kuo and David Miller added at least one new ISL time and had at least one top-three finish.

The Northstars posted 157 time improvements. Joshua Gima had the biggest time improvement of the day, taking 47.79 seconds off his time in the boys 5-6 age group breaststroke. Chaitra Ayinampudi dropped 27.81 seconds in the girls 5-6 age group backstroke and 10.81 seconds in the freestyle.

Ryan Dougherty dropped 17.34 in the boys 5-6 age group butterfly, resulting in a first-place finish.

Swimmers with three time improvements were Edward Baik, Adrian Bekker, Ellie Chen, Alex Chin, Anshul Gupta, Ye Jin Heo, Jake Jacoby, Lucas Lin, Samantha Ly, Lindsay Tarlton, Jane Thorpe and Abishek Vinujudson.


The Northwood Pointe Flash made great strides in its meet at College Park Saturday, July 8, as 84 swimmers posted time improvements and 41 clocked in championship qualifying times.

Jeremy Mah set Flash records in the 13-14 age group boys backstroke with a time of 28.25 seconds and the freestyle with 24.47 seconds and put up qualifying times in all three of his events.

Ten swimmers with huge time improvements of over 20 seconds, including Nadia Anan, Sydney Berryman, Lydia Chang, Annelise Chung, Mattix Huffman, Joshua Qin, Tyler Truong and Karlisha Yu.

Cooper Mayhew had the largest time drop of 33.25 seconds.

Earning time improvements of more than 10 seconds were Yasmine Anan, Brandon Anderson, Alexis Binder, Ge Fei, Ramzi Idriss, Meher Gosain, Keia Huffman, Martin Mansonhing, Chase Mayhew, Daniel Noh, Dennis Oh, Zhijian Qian and Kennedy Smith.

Olivia Berryman, Benjamin Haselhuhn, Max Haymes, Ali Idriss, William King, Elisa Kung, Miles Leung, Jiarui Li, Jiayao Li, Ritvik Satapathy and Yuvika Satapathy dropped five seconds.

First-place swimmers with qualifying times in one or more events were Dane Mortensen, Katerina Tolkachev, Taylor Inouye, Michael Li, Emily Odom, Malcolm Overbaugh, Justin Pyne and Joshua Potter.

Other top-three finishers that qualified in one or more events were Henry Wiechmann, Mutiara Schechinger, Grace Allen, Mitchell White, Mallory Venezia, Ryan Kesler, Brandon Tung, Sydney Inouye, Austin Wang, Konner Lee, Aaron Do, Paige Mortensen, Kaitlyn Spellman and Alec Overbaugh.

Sydney Henry, Elisa Kung, Skylar Leung, Hannah Compton, Jiayao Li, Rachel Yokota, Sophia Visan, Kathryn White, Anders Mortensen, Joshua Qin, Oliver Allen, Joseph Inouye, Andrew Harper, Timothy Chang, William Baik, Mark Kim and Morgan Choi also posted qualifying times in the meet.

Karlisha Yu, Emily Yokota, Noah Lee, Daniel Noh, Ge Fei, Lydia Chang, Madelyn Smith, and June Lee all nabbed top-three finishes.

The 13-14 and 15-18 age group mixed medley relay teams and the 15-18 age group mixed freestyle relay teams clinched first.

In a neck-and-neck race, the 5-6 age group mixed medley relay team grabbed second.

Also the 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 mixed medley relay teams nabbed second as did the 9-10 and 11-12 mixed freestyle relay teams.

The College Park Splash hosted the Northwood Pointe Flash on Saturday.  Two College Park records were broken. Brooke Knisely broke the girls 7-8 age group freestyle with a time of 14.78 and the 13-14 mixed freestyle relay team of Kazuki Goto, Sloane McCahill, Lucas Miller, and Will Nomura broke a record with a time of 1:43.03.

Swimmers dropping time in all three of their individual events were Qianyi Ye, Christine Xu, Nathan Vancleave, Nathan Tatsuta, Benjamin Nguyen, Lucas Miller, Sloane McCahill, Michael McCahill, Katie Liu, Justin Liu, Josephine Lee, Sydney Lam, Ethan Knisely, Jack Jarzyna, Courtney Hines, Ryoma Goto, Kazuki Goto, Ethan Fortner, Brandon Figueroa, Abby Farrell, Samantha Clarke, Ashley Chiang, Ethan Chiang, Jack Braze and Maryn Boomsma.  Swimmers dropping 10 seconds or more were Audrey Abrahams, Abby Farrell, Samantha Figueroa, Ethan Fortner, Sydney Lam, Katie Liu, Timmy Mustard, Qianyi Ye, Qianyu Ye and Erin Yim. Tugumi Ikagawa dropped 41.62 seconds and Tara Bhangay dropped 47.43 seconds in their breaststroke events.

Winning mixed medley relay teams were Steven Vu, Andrew Boomsma, Nathan Vancleave and Naomi Fortner (5-6 age group), Kate Fairchild, Seth Miclea, Thomas Ahn and Brooke Knisely (7-8 age group), Allie Yim, Maia MacVicar, Katie Liu and Rohan Bhangay (9-10 age group) and Loryn Lam, Addison Boomsma, Isabella Wall and Ethan MacVicar (11-12 age group).

Winning mixed freestyle relay teams were Samantha Clarke, Mateus Pa, Jack Jarzyna and Darren Lam (5-6 age group), Sasha Clarke, Thomas Ahn, Anthony Tatsuta and Ella Jarzyna (7-8 age group), Dylan McCahill, Ethan Knisely, Madi Lam and Sophia Wall (9-10 age group), Loryn Lam, Angelina Song, Josephine Lee and Ian Abrahams (11-12 age group) and Kazuki Goto, Sloane McCahill, Lucas Miller and Will Nomura (13-14 age group).


The Oak Creek Orcas joined the North Irvine Knights and the University Hills Narwhals for a blazing fast swim meet.

The Orcas won their third meet in a row by swimming an incredibly high number of best times and setting one new team record.

Almost all of the Orcas swam at least one best time of the season, and almost half of all Orcas swam their fastest time of the season in every event.

Jackson Bernstein set a new Orcas team record in the 13-14 age group boys 50 backstroke, finishing in 30.00 to break his own prior record and win the event.

Five Orcas improved more than seconds in all of their events. They were Chase Anderson, Dalton Chadwick, Alana Cousens, Jocelyn Gov and Zachary Niu.

Daichi Hiraoka improved seven seconds in the 9-10 age group girls 50 backstroke to place first.

Micaela Lee improved 10 seconds in the 9-10 girls 50 freestyle to place second, and also improved in both the 50 butterfly and 50 backstroke to place third in each.

Chloe Duncan improved nine seconds in the 7-8 age group girls 25 butterfly to place third.

Ethan Chien improved four seconds in the 13-14 age group boys 100 individual medley to place first and qualify for the ISL Championships.

Nola Mitchell improved two seconds in the 5-6 age group girls 25 backstroke to place second and dropped three seconds in the 25 butterfly to finish third.

Shaili Patel dropped two seconds in the 5-6 girls 25 backstroke to finish third.

Amelie Nguyen improved in both the 7-8 age group girls 25 breaststroke and 25 backstroke to place second in each.

Jocelyn Gov improved five seconds in the 9-10 girls 50 backstroke to place fourth and Dotan Atias improved two seconds in the 11-12 age group boys 50 backstroke to finish third.

The North Irvine Knights had more than 140 time improvements, 24 added championship times and broke eight records.

There were many swimmers with time improvements in one or more of their events. Some of those included Paige Douglas, Isaac Paz, Chloe Yang, Summer Sanson, Angelina Choi, Alexandra Yacker, Sydney Bower, Evelyn Heninger, Emma Law, Tripura Reddy, Hyunsoo Kang, Connor Truong, Zachary Douglas, Elise Van Auker, Alden Zeng, Tyler Sadon, Aditya Kamble, Danny Kim, Ava McConnell, Christian Jacobson, Michelle Mukogawa, Charlotte McHale, Brandon Yacker, Enoch Zeng and Riley Law.

Also, Sophie Tsai, Allison Rath, Kailah Dupree, Seungwoo Suh, Pratik Kulkarni, Samantha Yacker, Nicholas Bower, Sriram Balasubramanian and Virginia Crook.

Multiple records were also broken.

The team of Alec Ortiz, Raymond Llata, Addison Cadena and Nick Grulke broke a record in the 11-12 age group 200 medley relay.

Personal bests were achieved by Nikhil Pai in the 9-10 age group boys 50 butterfly, Kim Huynh in the 11-12 girls 50 freestyle and Nick Grulke in the 11-12 age group boys 50 backstroke, 100 individual medley and 50 freestyle.

Haley Truong now broke the record in the 13-14 age group girls 50 butterfly and Raymond Llata now holds the record in the 11-12 boys 50 breaststroke.

Many swimmers earned one or more new championship qualifying times at the meet, including Addison Cadena, Yuna Cook, Kim Huynh, Aarya Koppikar, Cindy Le, Michelle Mukogawa, Kylee Tran, Haley Truong, Cole Bitterlich, Carter Collins, Nick Grulke, Raymond Llata, Alec Ortiz and Nikhil Pai.


The Portola Springs Storm swam a competitive meet on Saturday, July 8, against the Northpark Riptide.

The Storm placed first in 31 of the 68 events that day.

They had 11 team records that were broken at the meet, which included the girls 9-10 freestyle, girls 9-10 individual medley, girls 11-12 freestyle, girls 11-12 butterfly, boys 7-8 age group backstroke, boys 7-8 age group butterfly, boys 9-10 freestyle, boys 9-10 individual medley and the boys 11-12 backstroke.

The Portola Springs 9-10 age group mixed freestyle relay shaved close to 10 seconds off of its previous record with a finishing time of 2:01.60.  This team consisted of Matthew Kim, Aliyah Fan, Ayla Kailiponi and Ian Sun.

Ayla Kailiponi and Nolan Weijland placed first in all four of their events.  Matthew Kim, Peyton Weidner and Keira Dinh placed first in three of their events.  Zoe Wong, Kiana Fan, Justin Chen, Zena Blechar, Aliyah Fan, Gabriela Taylor, Kelcie Fan, and Ian Sun placed first in two of their events.  And Ethan Ouyeung, Megan Han and Logan Dang placed first in one individual event.

The 5-6 age group mixed medley relay, 7-8 mixed medley relay, 9-10 mixed medley relay and 9-10 mixed freestyle relay finished in first place.

Portola Springs had 154 total time improvements and 85 swimmers that had time improvements on Saturday.

The Northpark Riptide hosted the Portola Springs Storm in an exciting competition and completed the meet with 37 first-place finishes along with 175 time improvements.

Nicholas Caiozzo led a strong come-from-behind team victory in the 13-14 age group 200 mixed medley relay with Lauren Freedman, Ethan Mac, and John Annarella.

The 11-12 age group 200 mixed medley relay team (Kendall Flynn, Ryan Graves, Jackson Graves, Ethan Freedman) and the 15-18 200 mixed medley relay team (Lauren Hitchens, Nathan Morgan, Luke Farol, Maya Wallace) also captured first-place finishes.

In the freestyle relay events, five Riptide teams came in first place.

The 5-6 age group 100 mixed relay team (Blake Lezak, Bennett Hufton, Hayden Freeman and Trey Huang), the 7-8 age group 100 mixed relay team (Noah Deshler, Jackson Ertel, Catherine Ertel and Ryan Lezak), the 11-12 age group 200 mixed relay team (Margaret McGuire, Andrew Duberow, Daniel Shim and Nathan Miranda), the 13-14 age group 200 mixed relay team (Joaquin Le-Pedroza, Cade McGuire, Lauren Freedman and Grant Hitchens) and the 15-18 age group 200 mixed relay team (Andrew Miranda, Brandon Chen, William Ludovico, Tiffany Chen) won their events in several close races with the Storm.

The Riptide also had strong performances in the individual events.

In the butterfly competition, Blake Lezak, Jackson Graves, Tiffany Chen and Andrew Miranda all won their events.

In the backstroke competition, Bennett Hufton, Carson Eich, Margaret McGuire, Grant Hitchens, Lauren Hitchens and William Ludovico captured first place in their races.

The Riptide also shined in the breaststroke events with seven first places led by Andrew Miranda, Nathan Miranda, Kendall Flynn, Carson Eich, Alexa Chandler, Noah Deshler and Bennett Hufton.

In the freestyle races, Hayden Freeman, Bennett Hufton, Nathan Miranda, Sophia Sambito, Joaquin Le-Pedroza, Tiffany Chen, and Andrew Miranda all took home first place.

Margaret McGuire, Nathan Miranda, Joaquin Le-Pedroza and William Ludovico continued their strong performances as each captured first place in their individual medley events.


Swimmers from the South Irvine Dolphins passionately raced in relays and individual events, garnering time improvements as well as qualifying times.

There was even a new record, as Annika Nie broke her own Dolphin record in the girls 11-12 age group 50 backstroke.

Many Dolphins earned time improvements. Those swimmers included Luisa Amenta, Alisha Zhao, Luca Rignot, Hayden Vogelman, Caroline Mumm, Mark Shabanie, Elias Pariser, Chiara Rignot, James Park, Joseph Park, Adrian Antonio, Amie Antonio, Justin Kline, Autumn Katzer, Lauren Baik, Naomi Konda, Sage Lamott, Benajmin Lee, Edward Lee, Handerson Lee, Tobias Averill, Eli Caplan, Taren Azizi, Tessa Azizi, Emma Blaze, Kyra Dugan, Rowan Corpus and Olivia Blaze.

Also, Victor Brestyansky, Elaine Cauffman, Kynsley Espiritu, Sophia Veravanich, Nathan Dugan, Matthew Charles, Declan Edwards, Maibre Edwards, Eric Wang, Evan Wu, Elizabeth Choi, William Choi, Kyle Chuang, Alexis Genest, Reaghan Genest, Maanya Ghanta, Liam Horan, Christian Johnson, Evelyn Hwang, Ryan Lee, Nicholas Martinez. Serafina Martinez, Caitlyn Morales, Tyler Morales, Caprie Troccoli, Niccolo Troccoli, and Justin Zhang.

Swimmers that dropped time in all of the events they swam on Saturday were Ananya Karthikeyan, Ashley Kwan, Lauren Kwan, Ryan Kline, Kelly Zhang, Isabella Veravanich, Giselle Hibbard, Greg Amenta, Alexa Baik, Sabine Salvucci, Jacob Shabanie, Julia Shabanie, Selena Lee, Ben Caplan, Meredith Carrol, Noah Lee, Andrew Vogelman and Meredith Morris.

The Quail Hill Barracudas went on to claim first place in four of the six mixed medley relays.

Barracudas earning first place finishes in the butterfly included Abby Ko, Gavin Yue, Bella Cook, Srikar Kesanam, Ariel Lin, Brooke Collins, Melodie Pugar, Javier Rodriguez and Grace Zhou.

Other swimmers who claimed first in events included Dimitris Dimitrakopoulos, Carson Cruz, Veico Lai, Josue Olague, Javier Rodriguez, Ariel Lin, Alexandra Lindenberg, Dean Ko, Kai Yoshizaki, Matthew Ko, Dean Ko and Zach Waddell.

Three individual team records were broken by swimmers.

Matthew Ko broke a record in the 9-10 age group breaststroke, Melodie Pugar set a new mark in the 13-14 age group breaststroke and Grace Zhou beat a record in the 15-18 age group breaststroke.

Barracudas earning significant time improvements were Kendra Alpert, April Craciun, Jackson Cruz, Milenna Gannon, Liyue Liu, Orlando Olague, Jasmine Sabbagh, Kelsey Sawtell, David Soto, Natalie Thomas, Sage Weinberg, Hudson Gaw, Alexander Shaw, Annika Shaw and Bradyn Thompson.


In their first away meet of the season, 76 swimmers of the Village Park Piranhas competed against the Deerfield Bluefins.

Swimmers achieved multiple notable accomplishments, including a total of 86 time improvements and 20 qualifying times for the Irvine Swim League Championship Meet.

Sage Goldberg, Jeffrey Hertzog, Aaron Huynh, Linnea Jerkovich, Tara Pirzadeh, Isebella Snetsinger, Ainsley Stelzer, Matthew Strong, MarcoPablo Tirado and Luke Venzlaff each qualified for the league championships.

Swimmers with time improvements in three events were Sam Kiemm, Andrew Jun, Ryan Goldstone, Kaitlyn Carmichael and Charlie Carmichael.

In addition, 22 swimmers saw improvements of three seconds or more.


The Westpark Marlins swam swiftly despite the heat on Saturday against the Woodbury Waves.

There were 102 swimmers competing in 63 events and almost every swimmer achieved time improvements in one or more of their individual events.

Westpark swimmers were time improvements were Andre Aguilar, Saalar Behbahani, Tara Behbahani, Jonathan Campbell, Jada Carlton, Levi Carlton, Masih Chavoushi, Andrew Chen, Anthony Chen, Austin Chen, Ailin Chu, Jacson Clifford, Lennon Coffin, Samson Cossio, Connor Cruz, Dylan Cruz, Ethan Cruz, Nicholas Dust, Sarah Enomoto, Sean Enomoto, Shelley Enomoto and Ben Garrett.

Also, Olivia Guo, Anna Harper, Mark Harper, Brian Ho, Jackson Holman, Audrey Huang, Braden Huang, Marissa Huang, Catherine Jablonski, Ryan Khalaf, Arian Khoshsar, Arina Khoshsar, Elijah Kirk, Anagha Kondury, Vedant Kondury, Fiona Law, Tobias Law, Josephine Lee, Colin Leung, Jett Leung, Nathan Leung, Bright Li, William Liang, Ian Lin, Preston Lin, Ryan Lin, Tiana Lin, Wesley Lu, Benjamin Luo and  Joseph Martin.

As well as, Victoria Martin, Azam Masud, Zara Masud, Adrian Nguyen, Brian Nguyen, Collin Nguyen, Audrey Parra, Sophie Paulsen, Cooper Riley, Yael Shaham, Christopher Shen, Vansh Srivastava, Ella Suh, Paige Taylor, Evan Terakawa , Ronald Tran, Joshua Unger, Sophia Venegas, Alex Venegas, Isabella Venegas, Evan Wainberg, Daniela Walach, Amy Wong, Leah Wong, Melissa Wong, Randen Wright, Forrest Zeng and Wesley Zeng.

The top scorers that earned five or more points for the Marlins were Zara Masud, Anagha Kondury, Masih Chavoushi, Amy Wong, Isabella Venegas, Daniela Walach, Lean Wong, Catherine Jablonski, Paige Taylor, Anthony Chen, Ryan Khalaf, Preston Lin, Jackson Holman, Sophia Venegas, Joseph Martin, Sophie Deluca and Tiana Lin.

For Woodbury, 61 swimmers achieved championship qualifying times.

The Waves took first through fourth place in the girls 5-6 age group butterfly, boys 9-10 age group butterfly, boys 11-12 age group individual medley, boys 9-10 breaststroke, boys 15-18 breaststroke and girls 5-6 age group freestyle.

Nicholas Chen, Ryan Hatcher, Troy Hill, Kamille Le, Kristine Nguyen, Justin Pai and Mia Sullivan took first place in all of their individual events.

Time improvements were the story of the day.

Thirty-one swimmers had improvements in three events. They were Max Bonkowski, Trey Canalita, Caleb Charbonnet,  Chelsea Chen, Nicholas Chen, Bradin Chung, Brandon Chung, Camryn Chung, Dylan Chung, Haydin Chung, Rykyn Fann, Noah Fong,  Ally Hamiprodjo, Jake Hamiprodjo, Troy Hill, Adam Lam, Ethan Lam, Kevin Lu, Mason McIntyre and Caroline Nguyen.

Also, Ginger Nguyen, Kai Patragnoni, Mei Ling Patragnoni, Nicholas Puckett, Elise Sullivan, Justin Vovan, Penny Wei, Ellie Wolf, David Woo, Ruth Wu, and Ryry Young.

Julian Barnes, Siena Bernal, Neil Chaudhry, Leo Chen, Aryan Dahiya, Ethan Hamiprodjo, Grant Kramer, Julian Lai, Masen Le, Ryan Le, Elliott LeBlond, Nathan Lo, Ashley Pham, Derek Vovan, Sarah Williams, Ella-Blue Wilmot, Emilie Wilmot, Michael Wolf, Peter Xu and Michael Zhao and time improvements in two events.

Swimmers dropping five or more seconds in at least one event were Siena Bernal, Max Bonkowski, Trey Canalita, Chelsea Chen, Haydin Chung, Ally Hamiprodjo, Adam Lam, Ryan Le, Mason McIntyre, Ginger Nguyen, Mei Patragnoni, Ryan Shattuck, Hudson Shung, Derek Vovan, Justin Vovan, Penny Wei, Michael Wolf, Ruth Wu and Leo Xu.


The Woodbridge Tritons had a fantastic meet against the Turtle Rock Broadmoor Sharks on Saturday, July 8.

The Tritons concluded the meet with 55 first-place finishes.

Woodbridge swimmers earning first places in all their individual events were Veronika Khudiakova, Maya Nishizaka and Max Stewart.

Tritons earning two first places were Evan Dettloff, Ian Du, Grant Gibson, Jake Gibson, Marc Koehler, Paisley Koh, Molly McCance, Sydney Okubo, Makati Pham, JC Schindler and Madilyn Schindler.

Woodbridge Tritons adding a single first place were Vlad Deineko, Bella Dettloff, Holly Fishburn, Rin Hoshina, Emily Jacobs, Timothy Kashani, Taryn Nguyen, Julianna Perez, Emma Reichert, Zoey Sun, Daniel Wei, John Willson, Kylie Wynn and Zoe Wynn.

Woodbridge Tritons improving time in all three of their individual events were Vlad Deineko, Luke Gibson, Liam Goodemote, Rin Hoshina, Veronika Khudiakova, Breylon Le, Kylie-Lynn Le, Ashley Ma, Talula Rooke, Madilyn Schindler, Vaniya Sobhani, Max Stewart, Zoey Sun, Tyson Tran, Zeynep Wilson and Emily Yu.

Woodbridge swimmers improving their times in two individual events were Brandon Adcook, Sydney Adcook, Noelle Bakas, Gabriella Camacho, Evan Dettloff, Bella Dettloff, Yuval Fang, Peyton Ferrero, Grant Gibson, Emily Jacobs, Timothy Kashani, Andrei Khudiakov, Marc Koehler, Paisley Koh, Evelyn Kuei and William Lui.

Also, Olivia Nelson, Joon Park, Taran Patel, Tej Patel, Dylan Patist, Riley Pittman, Madison Ricks, Olivia Ricks, Zachary Rockoff, Finley West, Luke Yoon and Addison Yu.

Significant time improvements were recorded by Sarah Aramayo, Noelle Bakas, Ian Chen, Liam Goodemote, Andrei Khudiakov, Breylon Le, Kylie-Lynn Le, Taryn Nguyen, Addison Yu, Emily Yu, and Tyson Tran, who dropped an impressive 26 seconds in his 25 butterfly.

Emily Yu was named the team’s girls swimmer of the meet after dropping 13 seconds in the 25 backstroke, 13 seconds in the 25 backstroke and four seconds in the 25 freestyle.

The boys swimmer of the meet was Vlad Deineko, who dominated the 11-12 age group division and concluded the meet with three time improvements and a first-place finish in the 50 breaststroke.

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