Information You Can Glean from Video Analytics Software

So you’ve made, optimized, and uploaded your video. What now? You’re a business owner and you’ve done a lot of marketing in the past; online video marketing isn’t that different from other marketing strategies. What do you do after you’ve implemented a marketing strategy? You track the effects, and you tweak the strategy to get better results.

However, you can’t track the response to a video as well as you can track the response to a billboard or a TV commercial. This is what most businesses find daunting in online marketing—everything seems complicated. The truth is tracking the response of your target market to your video marketing campaign is relatively easy, provided you’re working with a reliable video hosting site.


A good video hosting site should have analytics software that would let you track several things, performance being one of them. You need to know how well your video is doing in terms of views. Analytics software should be able to tell you how many people watched the video, and what times during the day the video is most popular.


Another important thing you would have to track would be the geographical locations of your viewers. If most of your viewers come from a specific location, you can fine-tune the existing or future videos to better appeal to the tastes of people from that location. You can also determine the age or the gender of the people who watch your videos, and the same concept as with the location applies.


You also need to determine where the users are viewing your video from. Is it being viewed solely from your website, or have viewers shared the video on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter? Video analytics will show you what places in the online community your viewer base frequents, so you can create other marketing campaigns that focus on those locations.


Good video analytics software should also be able to show you what parts of the video the viewers…

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