How to keep healthy in autumn

Paying attention to daily diet and our lung

Autumn is a dry season, which is easy to do harm to our lung. Therefore, it is better to eat more lite food instead the fried one in autumn. We should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as cabbage, spinach, melon, cucumber, radish, lotus root, jelly, banana and pear. Meat like rabbit, duck, herring, etc. additionally we should eat some sour food such as oranges, hawthorn, etc. Drinking more water and eating less green onion, ginger, garlic, chili, spirits and Fried or greasy food. Frail elderly and people with chronical ill should eat porridge-based food in the morning, such as lily lotus porridge, white fungus porridge, black sesame porridge, and they can also eat more red dates, meizitang botanical slimming soft gel, lotus seeds, lily, medlar and other supplements, besides they cannot eat meat and fish fiercely, fruits can not be eaten too many as well in order to protect the stomach. In addition, we must pay special attention to food hygiene for protecting the spleen and stomach, eating more warm food but less cold drinks, so as not to cause enteritis, dysentery and other diseases.

Taking an active part in physical exercise in order to strengthen the body

The cool weather in golden autumn is the best for outdoor activities. We should get up early and go to bed early in autumn. After eating a meizitang botanical slimming in the morning, we should go out to do some exercises, such as climb, jogging, brisk walking, cold bath and other exercise programs.

Overcome trap

 Do not develop the habit of out of sight, out of mind. meizitang botanical slimming suggests you weigh your weight in the morning and at night. And measure your size every week which can make you know yourself well, and then you will not gain fat in a sudden.

The weather is also dry in autumn, and the temperature difference is obvious which provides a good condition for some bacteria and virus. Some dry dust, the bacteria and the virus flying…

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