Hot Air Balloon in Jaipur

The desert state of Rajasthan is the most famous tourist place for hot air balloon ride in India. The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human carrying aircraft, comprising of a bag called the envelope that is competent enough for restraining heated air. These balloons are capable of flying at high altitudes. These hot air balloons are used for entertaining the tourists, for commercial purposes and for the promotion of any company’s products. Hot air balloon in Jaipur is the new attraction for the visitors of Rajasthan, as it provided a wonderful view of the entire city of Jaipur at a glance from a height.


Jaipur is known as the “Pink City” due to its marvelous architecture in pink sandstone and its vivaciousness. The rich history of the palaces, comfortable and luxurious hotels, gardens, delicate cuisines, forts and a lot more features of Jaipur grab the appeal of the vacationers towards it. The unique adventurous balloon safari was initiated in Jaipur in January 2008, and has fruitfully flown over a huge crowd of foreign and Indian passengers since then. The tourists come to know a new perspective of Rajasthan by traveling on these hot air balloons of Jaipur. Though the charges for this balloon ride is on the expensive side, but one should experience it for once to realize the overwhelming beauty, and breath-taking views of Rajasthan’s fort, palaces, and gardens from a height.

Now-a-days, Balloon ride in Jaipur catch the attention of a large number of vacationers because it gives an enjoyable experience to them. Chiefly, the children are most entertained by this ride because they get an opportunity to fly high in the sky and can see the view of entire Rajasthan from the upward direction.

The balloon ride completely depends on the wind and the climate of a particular place. In Jaipur, there is no confirmation of the exact time of flight of balloons because when the wind is not blowing, the balloons can not fly high in the sky. When the…

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