High 5 to Offer RAP Charge Portable Charging Device to Guests

High 5 First Bowling & Entertainment Facility to Offer RAP Charge

Patrons of High 5 will now be able to enjoy the entire two-story, 47,000-square-foot facility while charging their phones from anywhere in the building. This includes bowling, restaurant areas, laser tag, and meeting rooms.

RAP Charge, an Austin-based provider of rapid charging solutions for handheld devices, announced the launch of the highly-anticipated 4-port charger in May. The new release compliments the existing 10-port unit that was announced last year. The new portable charger is designed as an optimal mobile charging unit that meets demand for both homes and businesses.

“By partnering with RAP Charge, we can now offer our guests the opportunity to charge their phones without having to plug into a wall while enjoying our entire entertainment and meeting venues,” said Scott Emley, CEO of High 5.

The 4-port unit can charge up to four devices simultaneously, and the 10-port unit can charge up to ten devices simultaneously. Businesses such as High 5 that offer the 4-port charger can now answer affirmatively to the question clients frequently ask: “Is there a place to charge my phone here?”

High 5’s guests can not only rapidly charge their devices using the new portable unit, but since they can carry their phones throughout the facility while charging. Guests now have the ability to securely continue business as usual with having to be separated from their devices. Unlike kiosks and charging tables, RAP Charge eliminates the issue of exposing secure iphone and tablet data to strangers because each device never leaves the possession of its owner.

“We are pleased to announce this historic partnership with High 5,” said Hunter Vielock, CEO of RAP Charge….

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