Get a Spouse Visa or Fiancee visa – K visas


The K visa is an immigrant visa. When any US citizen is marrying any foreigner, the K-visa is very helpful to the foreigners who want to stay in the United States. This K visa divided into four types, which depends on the group. They won’t consider whether the foreigner is male or female, but they will consider the age for considering whether the petitioner is children or younger or aged foreigners. The K visa applicant must answer the questions during the interview process and show all evidences about the marriage related documents at the local US consulate. The all K visa applicants must complete the DS-157 and DS-260 application forms.

The K-1 visa is suitable for fiance (e). The US citizens interested to marry a foreigner in the United States, and then the foreigner will be eligible to get a K-1 visa. Here the US citizen acts as a sponsor for obtaining a visa for foreigners. …


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