Gareth Southgate faces his first real test in deciding Wayne Rooney's punishment… the England captain is not guilty of a crime


No sooner does Gareth Southgate think he is home and dry as the new England manager than he is awash in the boozy wake of some of this country’s best footballers.

The first major test of Southgate is not surviving his four-match audition but how he deals now with the boys who went on the razzle the night after their win over Scotland.

And it wasn’t only Wayne Rooney, by the way.

Wayne Rooney and the England squad have given Gareth Southgate his first major test

The England captain invited himself to a wedding reception at the team hotel in Hertfordshire

Inviting himself to a wedding reception at the team hotel and necking flagons of beer and wine was not the captain’s finest hour or three.

But if his behaviour was beyond the pale – make that pail – then it was no more so than that of a bunch of his team-mates hitting the west London…


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