Former Playboy model Dani Mathers apologizes after body shaming 70-year-old on Snapchat

Former Playboy model Dani Mathers spoke out for the first time since pleading no contest to invasion of privacy charges after she posted an image of an unsuspecting naked woman online.

Mathers, 30, took the photo of the then 70-year-old woman naked in a locker room at an LA Fitness in Los Angeles and posted it to Snapchat in July with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.” The 2015 Playboy playmate of the year faced widespread criticism for sharing the picture and body-shaming the woman.

The former Playmate told ABC News that she has yet to meet the woman involved, or apologize to her directly.

“I haven’t been able to actually meet the woman involved, although I’ve wanted to. So there’s just been a lot of unresolved issues,” Mathers said.

Mathers explained that the incident made her a target of online backlash and real life privacy problems of her own.

“It’s taught me a lot about privacy,” she said. “I’ve lost a lot of that myself as well. We’ve had a lot of paparazzi involved in my family life. I had my privacy taken away after I took someone elses.”

ABC News – Jim Vojitech
Former Playmate Dani Mathers alongside her lawyer Tom Mesereau in an interview with ABC News.

Mathers initially apologized in a video on Snapchat for posting the picture saying it was inadvertent.

The Los Angeles Police Department opened an investigation into the incident after receiving a report of “illegal distribution,” Capt. Andrew Neiman told The Los Angeles Times on July 17.

Police charged Mathers with misdemeanor invasion of privacy and last week she was sentenced to 45 days in jail or 30 days of community service removing graffiti.

Mathers told ABC News she chose community service that will start this week.

“I’m accepting of it,” she said. “I think that the option between 45 — I think it was 45 days in jail or cleaning up graffiti was — two strange options, but I’m excited to clean up our streets. This is just one more step into learning…

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