Erin Stewart: Losing myself to motherhood


Motherhood can be all-encompassing, but women need not give up their hobbies or passions.

Motherhood is insatiable.

I think most women know this going in, that being a mother is an all-consuming job that completely changes your identity.

We accept this. We expect it.

But what I didn’t expect from motherhood is how it edges out so many of the traits, interests and defining characteristics that used to be me. Sometimes it feels like being a mother and being anything else can’t co-exist.

Like I said, motherhood is insatiable — I can never give it enough of me.

So I was profoundly affected by a presentation recently by author Ally Condie, who writes for children and teens and is probably most noted for her young adult Matched series. Her speech was on writing, but the thing that struck me was when she said that no matter what your passion or interest or hobby is, there is time for it.

But that time may not be now.

She said that sometimes we have to focus on the needs of our children or other demands, but that doesn’t mean giving up pieces of ourselves. Instead, I can put a…

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