Donald Trump stuns Mexico with US election victory


“A Temblar” (Time to Tremble) blared one bold headline just hours after Donald Trump was declared president-elect of the United States.

Some of the more tabloid-style papers carried headlines with expletives and depicted Trump with a clown nose. The news was a stunning shock for a country where the vast majority of people expected a Hillary Clinton victory.

“He’s going to screw us all,” said one newspaper vendor as they waited for the fast-moving cars to come to a brief stop at the intersection so they could sell more papers.

“We’re going to have bad relations with the United States now,” said another vendor.

Many Mexicans say Trump catapulted himself to the presidency, in large part, by insulting Mexican immigrants with racist and xenophobic speech.

Trump has vowed to build a wall along the southern US border and force Mexico to pay for the multibillion-dollar construction, vowed to…


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