Defining Trading Goals with the Help of a Commodities or Futures Broker


New day traders should have clear trading goals that can help guide his or her investment strategies and to measure their success. A seasoned commodities broker can assist them in creating a plan and setting goals so the trader can achieve them.

  • What are my goals in trading commodity futures?
  • How much do I really know about the behavior of the futures markets?
  • What am I looking for in a futures broker?
  • Do they have competitive commission rates?

A commodities broker should specialize in trading U.S. treasury bonds, stock indices,foreign currencies, precious metals, crude oil, agriculture, and other products on the futures andcommodity exchange, including futures options. A seasoned broker create and tailor strategies to fit every future trader’s style of trading and risk tolerance. 

Whether you are new to the commodity futures markets or have been trading for a while, you are…


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