Daughter tells how 85-year-old mother is trapped by Bank of Scotland mortgage nightmare


When 85-year old Joan Stracey wrote out a cheque for £1,500 last month to two strange men who had just jet-washed her driveway, she thought she’d got a good deal.

The men had banged on her Twickenham bungalow’s front door and suggested she owed them £2,500 for the service, which she had not requested and didn’t need.

After paying them, Joan told her daughter Sammi that she’d haggled the men down before getting out her cheque book, but the look on Sammi’s face told her perhaps it wasn’t such a good deal as she’d thought.

Joan Stracey is stuck in her home, where she is preyed on by scam artists, after taking a Bank of Scotland shared appreciation mortgage that left her owing £380,000 for a £35,000 loan

Sadly, this is not the first time Joan has been stung financially by unscrupulous people chancing their luck on her trusting nature. 

Her daughter Sammi MacQueen…


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