Creatine Health Risks


Creatine is a naturally produced molecule in the human body which is mostly found in the body’s skeletal muscles. Creatine is produced by the liver and the pancreas and is found mostly in protein rich foods like beef, pork, salmon, tuna etc. owever creatine produced in the body is at times not enough for most athletes to perform better, therefore most of them resort to taking creatine supplements.

Creatine supplements come in many forms, often in form of powder, tablets, capsules etc. it can be taken dissolved in juice, water or simple added to protein shakes. Though creatine is generally considered quite safe , there are however quite a few health risks associated with taking creatine, though these health risks are primarily due to over dosing on creatine. None the less the health risks associated with creatine facts are as follows




Creatine works by…


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