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The pound has taken a beating against many of the major world currencies in recent weeks as the UK currency reacts to a volatile political climate. 

There’s never been a better time for Britons to employ money saving hacks when hunting around for holidays. has revealed its top tips for how to shrink your budget before you even get on the plane. 

Darren Williams from said: “Most people always think about the costs of booking your holiday and expenses whilst you’re out there.

“But airports are sometimes the worst places for making you shell out when you don’t need to.

“There are also certain things that aren’t made aware to flyers that you are well within your rights to ask for, like water or taking a car seat.

“Our tips should help you cut down those annoying costs you normally shell out for, saving you more money for your trip.”

Top tips for saving money at the airport

1. Fly red-eye

If you don’t mind travelling late at night, book a red-eye flight. This type of flight is defined as one that a passenger can’t expect to get much sleep on due to the time of departure or arrival (usually late night or early morning). Not only will it be cheaper but also the airport will be quieter at that time meaning shorter queues and less stress. 

2. Ask for water on the plane

Don’t fork out for bottled water on the plane. If you take an empty bottle through customs you can ask your air steward to fill it up for you on your flight.

3. Park on a driveway

If you’re driving to the airport, ditch the pricey car park and check out locals’ driveways. Many rent them out for holidaymakers to leave their car there for a few days at a much more competitive price.

4. Do your research to avoid baggage charges

You’d be surprised by how much hotels will provide for you, so make sure you do your research before cramming in your hair dryer and extra towels.

5. Weigh your bags at home

It’s not worth risking it so plonk your…

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