Can Shoes Actually Make A Difference To Vertical Leap?


Many of us ponder that can a pair of shoes really do anything to help me jump better? To be able to help players attain higher jump, the jump shoes are made differently from other regular sneakers. These shoes are generally made 30-60 oz lighter than normal shoes, like the Nike Hyperdunk. It can help athletes maneuver easier and move faster, which result in higher jump. With that in mind, jump shoes alone will not help you achieve the result you want. All component of vertical leap training has to be covered to be able to achieve real results.

You can also find shoes which are made for training and practice only. These sneakers are well known with the thick platform at the forefoot and very thick soles. The thick platform of these shoes will elevate your heels, which will add pressure to your training. Any type of exercise you make on these sneakers will train your calf muscle….


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