California Girls Are The Friendliest In The United States, Reveals Chatrandom Study

The data gained from the implementation of the Timeframe Metric is invaluable for understanding the behavior of our users and continually improving our service

A fascinating study conducted by random video chat platform, Chatrandom, has used data gathered by a new “Timeframe Metric” to reveal the length of time girls from each state across the U.S. spends on each connection. The study shows that on average girls from California spend the longest time on each connection, while girls from New York spend the shortest time on each connection. The data also declares the West as the region with the friendliest girls, and that Republican girls are more likely to spend a greater length of time on each connection than Democratic girls.

The “Timeframe Metric” analyzes the behavior of users on the platform by recording the location, gender, and time spent on each connection for every user on the platform while allowing each user to remain anonymous. The study uses data recorded from the metric between November 2015 and April 2016 which met three criteria. For inclusion in the study, a user must: reside in the United States, be female, and have established at least two connections. Over 100 million users met all three criteria for inclusion in this study.

California came out on top as home to the friendliest girls in the United States with an average connection time of 15 minutes 8 seconds before clicking the “next” button to establish a new connection. At the bottom of the list is New York with an average connection time of just 1 minute 13 seconds. Only three states averaged over 14 minutes; Mississippi (14:37), Washington (14:08), and Wisconsin (14:07). Interestingly, only New York and New Jersey (1:56) averaged under two minutes…

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