Boutique beauty, but at quite a price – a night at Blakes Hotel, an expensive London institution 



Blakes is often called Britain’s original boutique hotel. Which is not a bad moniker to have. It’s been around some 30 years and until three years ago was owned by Lady Weinberg.

The new owners have kept things going along the same chic, bohemian lines as her ladyship, investing most recently in the refurbished dining room and slinky bar on the ground floor.

Blakes Hotel: Big on style, but the cost may leave you a little down in the wallet

Elsewhere it’s looking rough around the edges, while still commanding prices to make you think the world’s gone mad. You won’t bag a room here for much less than £250.

Lady W — also known as one-time Bond girl and B-movie actress Anouska Hempel — is still the main influence behind the hotel’s design.

From the dark grey exterior to the opium-den lobby where the scented candles provide the only real lighting,…


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