Basing Talent on Work Performance

There are many ways to increase gender diversity within one’s company to create a talented and cultured group of individuals to help propel a business forward and make sure that it is nothing but successful for years to come. The way to do this is to become blind to what gender or sexual identity each potential worker possesses and focus on the more important aspects such as personality and their past work performance. An infectious personality of a good natured person can help drive a project group to meet a deadline or that person’s ability to go above and beyond what is expected of him or her is a great asset to have within your company. Do you know what you are losing when you decide to overlook an applicant just because she is a woman or because he is a biological man who identifies as female or “other”? Do not miss out on acquiring new talent!

Cultivating Diversity Within Your Workplace

There are many ways to build gender diversity as well as overall diversity within your company’s workforce in order to maximize the talent and your company’s ability to get things done. In order to successfully establish diversity within the workplace, you must make sure that everyone who works for you, whether they are full time or part time employees or contracted workers, feels accepted and safe within your company. If someone feels as if they could be scrutinized if anyone found out that their gender identity or sexual orientation differed from what was normal, then your approach to promoting diversity must be tweaked. Promoting diversity does not mean that everyone has to be the absolute best of friends. People will still have their differences outside of work. Your employees should be able to come together regardless of their differences when it comes to working on projects pertaining to the company’s goals.

Ways to Promote Workplace Diversity

There are many ways to promote gender diversity within the workplace. One way is to focus on looking at the similarities between workers on a human level rather than accentuating their differences. Everyone is unique. This has been ingrained in us since we were in the early years of grade school, but when you are working together toward a common goal, you do not need employees avoiding each other because certain unique characteristics are viewed as abnormal. You should educate your workforce that people are in fact different from each other with respect to gender, political and religious views, family views and various other opinionated areas. However, as humans, everyone within the workforce has feelings, fears, dreams and goals regardless of the opinions they might hold. Emphasize that it is normal to be different and unique but that on some base level everyone is the same and these base levels can bring everyone together to relate to one another.


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