Are You Psychic? – Telepathy Exercise


Are You Psychic?  – Telepathy Exercise

Your Psychic Skills

There are a lot types and categories of different psychic powers and some people may work with one type of ability and nothing more, while other people may have more than one.


List of Psychic Abilities:

Telepathy – The ability to communicate with others with the mind.

Telekinesis – The skill to move objects with the mind.

Clairvoyance – When you have the ability to see things that do not belong to this physical world.

Intuition – The power to feel what is going to happen.


There are various other types of psychic powers and you may want to try to work out what psychic ability is the most dominant in you if you for instance have experienced something you were not able to find an explanation for.


Guided Telepathy Exercise

Telepathy is just one type of psychic power. For this exercise you will need a partner….


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