10 ways to save on travel meals


It’s true. No matter how frugal you’re trying to be when you travel, sometimes you’ve just got to eat. What’s a body to do? Here are my top 10 ideas:

1. Stay and eat just outside of the tourist areas. You’ll pay a premium to chow down in the main tourist district, where rents are higher. For example, in Cusco, Peru, we stayed in a cheap, charming guesthouse walking distance to the main plaza, in a business area populated by locals. As a result, we paid around $2 for a delicious roasted chicken dinner with potatoes – a specialty of Peru. We would have paid at least $10-$15 for that meal a few blocks away. And, in the bohemian Barranco district of Lima, we followed the locals into Tio Mario, an attractive and jammed restaurant. Dinner of roasted potatoes and anticuchos — roasted, marinated meat on a stick – cost a staggering $6. I fear we overate in both…


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